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Venture Capital

Driving the technology innovation

Futureplus is a private equity investment management firm specialized in investing in Spanish-based Technology market-leader companies, focused on late stage & growth phases.

Strategic Value

We develop strategic value

We invest in cutting-edge and market- leader companies in order to generate a solid return on investment by means of innovation.

Advanced management and Consultancy Services

Experience and professionalism

Future Plus provide differentiated consultancy and advisory services to technology-related companies and institutions along with displaying a portfolio of seasoned senior directors.

Since 2010 driving the technology innovation

We invest on the late stage of consolidated projects which have key growing potentials.
FUTUREPLUS will focus their investments on Technology, ICT, disruptive Innovation and Telecommunications.
Focused on Innovation and Technology related sectors.

Driving the technology innovation

Futureplus Capital Investments

FUTUREPLUS was founded in 2010 by a group of Spanish executive directors and entrepreneurs with a solid background mainly cultivated in the Technology & Telecommunication sectors. Due to their aspirations to promote the innovation along with their vast know-how and extensive experience, FUTUREPLUS aim at promoting the Technology Innovation across the noted strategic sectors, which in turn matches with the competences of their partners.

So far, FUTUREPLUS have been playing a key role in co-leading & co-investment management with the Venture Capital firm Gala Capital; hitherto, ÁMBAR VENTURE CAPITAL has been the joint investment vehicle, which have invested on a range of Technology companies. More over, since 2016, FUTUREPLUS pro-actively participate with the Spanish Institution, Extremadura Avante Inversiones, in managing the specific Technology fund, Avanticex, so as to promote the regional innovation in Extremadura.

Likewise, FUTUREPLUS  have taken a quantum leap which results in the new Investment Management firm, FUTUREPLUS CAPITAL INVESTMENT being now operational under the supervision of the Spanish Regulators, CNMV, in order to directly manage new VC funds, focused on Technology enterprises.

  • Currently, FUTUREPLUS is co-managing a range of assets (in the order of magnitude of €20 M) in connection with Ámbar Venture Capital fund and in addition to the €2M investment at Avanticex (€6 Million funding commitments).

  • FUTUREPLUS take in part in funding 10% of Ámbar Venture Capital Fund and 50% of Avanticex Fund.

  • Technological & Industrial know-how : throughout the course of the investment at Ámbar, FUTUREPLUS analyzed an extensive deal flow whilst we continue to check a portfolio of investment opportunities at Avanticex Fund.

  • Pro-Active Participation as well as extensive managing experience: FUTUREPLUS is member of the board of directors across the companies we invest on along with the fact that, FUTUREPLUS play the Managing Director role, or even, the Presidency role across the range of companies.

  • Commitment & Partnership: FUTUREPLUS continue to strongly support the companies we have invested on by means of additionally investing € 2.5 Millions in other capital rounds

Generating  differentiated added-value


A lo largo de todo el ciclo de inversión, las responsabilidades del equipo de Futureplus Capital Expansión, están distribuidas aprovechando al máximo las habilidades de cada miembro que lo componen para la creación de valor en las compañías participadas:


    Solid team building in the long-term, generating added value


    But minority participation on the investees along with being member of the board


    Vast experience and close collaboration with the management team


    Independent firm (no conflicto of interest)


    In actively setting up the strategy, business growth and internationalization

Future Plus Capital Investment, aims to invest in advanced stages of companies or projects, Late Stage of Venture Capital and Growth Capital, with having clear growing potentials, consolidation and internalization. Companies should have a leading and innovative business model be in place and proven viability and a solid and hight-qualified management team commitment and experience aligned with the interests of investors.

With a long-term taking a relevant but minority shares participation on each company, Future Plus Capital Investment is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the investee, with an investment period at 4-6 years and the focus is set on maximizing the added-value and return on investment.

Future Plus Capital Investment focus their investment on Technology, ICT, disruptive Innovation and Telecommunications.


01. Identification of opportunities

We invest on the late stage of consolidated projects which have key growing potentials.

02. Investment

We invest in technology market-leader companies which have key competitive strengths along with a proven track record of profitability and a sustainable growth plan.

03. Follow-up

We provide bespoke professional advisory and assistance services to the management team, by means of improving the firm´s operations, strategy and finance.

4. Exit

As a medium-long term investors, our horizon stretches into maximum 4-to-6 years investment period, depending on the market conditions.

Driving the technology innovation

Investment Strategy

FUTUREPLUS Capital Expansion I, FCR, is a Spanish-based Venture Capital fund, which focuses the investment strategy on innovation, ICT and other Technology-related sectors with high growing, so as to promote the economy growth by means of putting new products/services in operations. In doing so, there is a positive action to impulse the productivity in Spain.


  • Internet of Things, IP applications and mobile solutions for social media
  • Automation, Wireless sensors and disruptive applications


  • Telecommunications Networking systems  and protocols architecture
  • CIBER security, Big Data & Data Analytics, Cloud, AdTech, SaaS.
  • Access systems and equipment, Data transmission and IP protocols.
  • Utilities and Energy solutions
  • Transportation  solutions  (i.e. electric vehicles)


  • Others ICT & technology- related sectors


Investment on Technology companies requiring funds to expand their operations and impulse growth provided that innovative business model be in place (i.e. starting off a new business unit, exploring new markets overseas,)


Investment on consolidated companies that are suffering from business stagnation and require re-thinking of the business model, require assistance with the internationalization to make the companies grow in the mid-term.


It is required the companies having solid technology & innovative projects with growing potentials on the fact that they can expand business operations globally as well as already having a profitable business plan and a global vision. Having a differentiated and innovative good or service with attractive profitability ( IRR >20%)


Companies with areas for operations improvement, Companies requiring finance & strategy re-orientation, practically pout of debts with positive EBIDTA.
Mostly focused on cash-in operations.


The permanency period on the company Futureplus Capital Investment invests on will last up to 6 years maximum, depending on the market conditions. Having an exit strategy in place, aiming at maximizing the returns along with being results-orientated but focused on the best alternative solutions to the firms.


Futureplus Capital Investment is focus on selecting firms with specific management features: having a reputable, highly-skilled and committed management team with a vast experience on business development.
Particular clauses to balance the shares takeover, including some specific terms dictating the exit protocols along with an active participation on the Board will be in place.

Experience and commitment

Future Plus contributes to nurture an advanced ecosystem of global leader companies & entrepreneurs in Spain. We aim at generating a positive return for the investors through innovation, as well as providing our expertise on investment, management consultancy, business development and the internationalization of technology enterprises.

Further to the finance investments, Future plus develops strategic value and competitive strengths to Industrial investors. Our team consists of a portfolio of reputable entrepreneurs and Technology-related market leaders with an extensive international experience on Innovation & Technology.

We are a founding partner of ASCRI (Spanish Association of Venture Capital Entities)


Experience and Professionalism

Futureplus is the result of a group of well-known executive directors and businessmen joining the Technology Innovation. Due to their aspirations to promote the innovation along with their vast know-how and extensive experience.

Our team consists of a portfolio of reputable entrepreneurs and Technology-related market leaders with an extensive international experience on Innovation & Technology.

Manuel Gordillo

Founding Partner of Future Plus and Ambar Venture Capital
Telecommunications Engineering

Manuel Gordillo


Pedro Mier

President of AMETIC
Telecommunications Engineering

Pedro Mier


Joaquim Guilera

Expert in Business Development

Joaquim Guilera

Industrial Director

Armando Guerra

Founding Partner of Future Plus and Ambar Venture Capital
Telecommunications Engineering

Armando Guerra


José Vicente Cebrián

Consultant in engineering and consulting companies in defense and security issues.
Industrial Engineer

José Vicente Cebrián


Francisco Ramos

Entrepreneur in the Technology Sector
BSc & MSc in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Francisco Ramos


Ezequiel Navarro

CEO in Grupo Premo
Electronics Engineering

Ezequiel Navarro


Manuel Portillo

Founding Partner of Blue Capital Solutions.
Degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences and Diploma in Business Administration.

Manuel Portillo


Carolina Gijón

Degree in Economics, Master´s Degree in Accounts Auditing

Carolina Gijón



4th Spanish Telecommunications entity which operates in ground & mobile lines plus internet and optic fibre.

Global leader in designing, manufacturing and selling of splitters and external electronic components for the FTTH network and the optic fibre.

Wireless battery-free low frequency sensors manufacturer, operating on the RFID, UHF &business-related sectors. This solution enables monitoring a wide range of data over any field.

Fintech firm which enables paying the value of goods and services by using a sole-source channel; this ,in turns, reinforces the customer reliance and confidence on the purchasing system.

Advanced automatization & traceability solutions to the healthcare market based on specific RFID technology.

Global marketplace platform, specifically tailored for hospitality, tourism and M.I.C.E sectors. This solution enables the interaction of suppliers, customers and destinations in one go by using this state-of-the-art and versatile portal easily.

Expert in manufacturing high-resistance composite utility covers. Innovative design along with fabricating complex and tailored solutions.


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